Setting the Stage for Success

Setting the Stage for Success

With numerous personal moves, a couple of major home renovations and preparing homes for sale, I have gained invaluable skills in planning, organizing, packing, moving and relocation just to name a few. One area in which I have particular interest and success is in the staging of a home. My spouse is an architect with specific focus on art and design. As a former teacher, I have always had an interest in art and although not professionally trained, was referred to as the unofficial "resident art instructor" at the elementary schools where I taught. My husband and I had to unexpectedly relocate from Chicago, Illinois to Winnipeg, MB. We had been living in our home for only 11 months and therefore, had not done any renovations or upgrades. We still had some college furnishings and the master bedroom did not even have furniture. My husband and I were sleeping on a mattress on the floor while we hopefully tried to save some money for new furniture in the near future. Being fairly recent college graduates and sinking our funds into our dream home we did not have a lot left over for extras. So on a shoestring budget of $500 we went to work to decorate and stage our home. A little paint, a few key items and a whole lot of creativity resulted in an appealing, tasteful and universally desirable looking home. The first potential purchasers through the home loved it and it sold in under a week! Subsequent renovations and home staging experiences resulted in the same results. We are now putting our knowledge and expertise to work for others. We provide guidance and advice to home sellers who are following the direction and/or having us personally prepare their homes for sale by assisting in the staging resulting in their homes selling with mulitple offers in under a week! A recent home sold with an offer of 40k over list price!  I LOVE helping people and seeing the look on the homeowner's face when they see the final results. The risk is to do the job so well that the home seller falls in love with their "new staged home" and thinks twice about selling. Wink   


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