Condo Market Beginning to Rebound in Winnipeg
There was a time not very long ago when condominium units would sit on the market for many days and months without a sale. The pandemic has changed the landscape considerably. With the increased demand for single family detached properties and lower inventory, home buyers are now reconsidering the benefits of condo living. Newer projects are now offering many amenities such functional and aesthetically-pleasing common outdoor and indoor spaces, well-laid out open and versative floorplans, indoor parking (Who wouldn't find that appealing living in Winnipeg?) and countless other full-service type options. The condo is definitely making a comeback with demand increasing and even multiple offers to purchase on many updated premium units. So whether considering a condo sale or purchase this may be a time to take action since home ownership and building equity can definitey be a benefit over spending your hard-earned dollars on rent each month.